Water Africa and West Africa Building and Construction Ghana 2021 is an exhibition dedicated to the latest equipment and services in the field of:

  • Water and wastewater engineering for commercial, industrial use and public use
  • Civil engineering construction, building for commercial and industrial use as well as social housing

Water Africa and West Africa Building and Construction Ghana 2021 presents products and services in categories such as:

  • West Africa Building & Construction
    • Formwork and scaffolding
    • Reinforcing steel products
    • Cranes, site lifts and other access equipment
    • Lifting appliances and conveyors
    • Concrete mixing, batching and placing equipment
    • Mineral processing equipment
    • Materials handling equipment, forklifts
    • Earthmoving equipment, including excavators, crawlers, graders, dozers, scrapers and loaders
    • Compressors and associated equipment
    • Tunnelling, drilling and piling equipment
    • Road and pavement construction and safety equipment
    • Compaction equipment and rollers
    • Site installations and buildings
    • Tools and associated materials
    • Instrumentation for control, measurement and testing
    • Quarrying equipment, crushers and building material recycling plant
    • House and commercial building materials and fittings
    • House and commercial building systems
    • Brick and block-making equipment
    • Plumbing, heating, fire-prevention and ventilation equipment and fittings
    • Window frames and glazing
    • Paints and surface finishes
  • Water Africa
    • Groundwater development
    • Surface water development
    • Water treatment
    • Mains distribution and house connections
    • Water storage
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Irrigation and farm drainage
    • Sewerage and urban drainage
    • Consulting services and training
    • Monitoring and instrumentation

Water Africa and West Africa Building and Construction Ghana 2021 might be held in Accra, Ghana in 2021 (Not Final).


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